Monday, November 27, 2006

Pitt Football: Turn down any bowl invite. Hold spring game at Cupples Stadium on the South Side

The University of Pittsburgh football team has lost its last five games of the year. They should NOT get a bowl bid. And, if they do get a bid, they should NOT accept.

Pitt's seniors might like another road trip. However, they should be packing their bags for the senior all-star games. Palko will suit up in one of the games. Great for him. Good for the others as well.

Pitt's payday for a bowl game that would have the team is not going to be serious money.

Pitt will get a good pay check due to the BCS Bowls because of the Big East's revenue splits. Louisville, Rutgers, and WVU can soak up the cash and give a share to Pitt, this year. Perhaps Cinci goes to a bowl game too.

Let Cinci play Ohio U. in Detroit on Dec 26.

Let Cinci play Western Michigan in Toronto on Jan 6.

Pitt should stay home, train (as indididuals or in small groups), lift (of course), recruit, study, heal and plan for its spring game.

Pitt should hold its spring football game on the South Side. It could be hosted at South Vo Tech, also known as George K. Cupples Stadium. It would be nice to know of Cupples as a place where Pitt plays, besides the Pittsburgh Passion.

The spring football weekend could bring a giant all-sports parade down East Carson Street. The players, band, coaches and students should all be a part of the activities. Each department could host its own social at various watering holes. Sidewalk sales, alumni outreach, and plenty of networking could fill the days and nights. And, the blue vs. gold game could be hosted to a sell out crowd.

This can be the South Side Spring Sports Street & Stadium Spectacular.

Bring on all the sports teams, not just football. The basketball teams can hold a clinic. The softball and baseball alumni can play on the neighborhood field. The track team can hold a specialized meet -- perhaps with D.U. -- in the stadium, 1 hour before kickoff.

In City Theater, we'll hold a special concert and pepper it with messages to the audience about how to park cars in the South Side.

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