Thursday, November 30, 2006

Falling Down Stupid Drunk in a casino (call recap with Marty Griffin's show)

I've never said that the casino's should NOT provide free drinks because the free drinks can lead to falling down, drunk casino customers. Ed Rendell has no clue as to my objections.

Others point out that drinking and free drinks can lead to drunk driving, bankruptcy and other dangers.

People can get drunk on both free drinks and drinks that are purchased.

Frank Dermody said that the casio has to comply with the PA LCB laws. The laws are strict. WRONG!

The Governor just signed a bill that makes an exception to the LCB laws. Casinos don't have to follow LCB laws as they legislature and the governor just change the LCB laws. They'll change them again too.

Double-talking jackass.

Frank Dermody also said that there won't be any local taverns that will go out of business.


We'll see 20 or 30 bars, restaurants and taverns go out of business after the casino opens. There will be some marketplace adjustments. Payrolls will not be able to be met. A job shift will occur and perhaps the small businesses, locally owned business will see a serious decline.

Sure, we have too many bars on the South Side, but that will change after the casino opens. That's why I think it is fruitless to fight with the bar limiting legislation, but that is a point for another rant.

We are going to loose jobs on East Carson Street after the casino comes. We might see a job surge in the net output. But, we'll see places close. Bars open and close all the time. To think otherwise is hype that I'm not buying.

Finally, and this was my first point in the phone call, we should put table games to a voter referendum. Frank Dermody should write the ballot questions.

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