Thursday, November 30, 2006

We're hosting an invitational swim meet on Saturday.

We don't get to swim outdoors in our December swim meet like we did in August.
Swimming through the lilly pads.

Bad technique in the pads, with Grants head high. Grant says he is standing on the murky bottom in this photo.

I'm going to bring my voice recorder and try to get swimmer interviews and make up a podcast for the kids. More news later. Swimming has "pads." The touch pads are at the end of the lane(s) for the electronic timing in a swim pool. They are often called, "touch pads." Swimming in a lake brings a different set of 'pad' to the swimmer, 'lilly pads.' When they rub against your skin, they can evoke a shout, as the video reveals.

Watch a short video of the lilly pad swimmers on

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