Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hard to blog about Phelps in the final event as it didn't occur

Michael was on the road to eight gold medals. The last race was to be a relay. But, the USA team had a false start in the heats of the semi-finals. As a result, Phelps didn't get into the water. Number eight will have to come at another meet -- perhaps the Olympics.

What Phelps and the USA swimmers have done in the last couple of weeks has been amazing. The men and the women had great meets.

The stage is set for Beijing. News Nothing tops his 50-meter title in Australia, even if it means he had to beat his friend and U.S teammate Jones, a heavy favorite in the race, to attain it. 'Cullen's an amazing swimmer,' he said. 'We enjoy each other's competition.'

Look for that pleasant rivalry to continue on the road to Beijing in 2008.
Swimmer in the sprint go on record saying, "We enjoy each other's competition." That's what I'm used to. That's the way it should be.

Humm. Wonder if it will work that way in politics in Pittsburgh in the weeks and campaigns to come?

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