Monday, April 09, 2007

Health Care takes center stage tonight in a debate

PA Gov. Ed Rendell has said that he'd sign the universal, single-payer "Family and Business Healthcare Act" once it passes the House and Senate. He agrees that that legislation is superior to his own set of health care bills.

To date, the story has not been told by the MSM. So far, SB 300 (the superior, citizen driven bill) has been ignored while the Governor's legislation, HB 700, has received the lion's share of attention. The two approaches are NOT similar. The two bills would have different impacts on PA.

At 9 pm on MONDAY, APRIL 9, 2007, PA Health Care, and a TV show, Progressives for Pennsylvania (host) are to stage a conversation with Gov. Ed Rendell (Prescription for Pennsylvania) and a leader of HELP Fund PA's Chuck Pennacchio (Family and Business Healthcare Security Act). Tune in to:

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Presently, a dozen states are considering universal, single-payer healthcare. Pennsylvania presents the greatest confluence of factors favoring passage: demographics, economics, and politics. There are 31 co-sponsors in the PA House and PA Senate among both Democrat and Republican.

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