Monday, April 09, 2007

Judges make a smack down of ballot access. On to the US Supreme Court

Ken K, past candidate for PA Governor and a leader in the ballot access movement wrote with some bad news:
I just received word today that the 3rd circuit federal appeals court has denied our request for an en banc rehearing of our ballot access case to have the 67,000-signature requirement ruled unconstitutional. (Background and other info regarding the ballot access lawsuit can be found at

Our only recourse now is to appeal to the US Supreme court, which (of course) we are doing. We have 90 days to file the appeal, and extensions are routinely granted, I'm told.

So the courts have struck yet another blow for tyranny and against the plain meaning of the Constitution. No surprise. Another reason to vote Libertarian -- as if we needed any more!


Maria said...

While this in no way makes me want to vote Libertarian, it does disgust me.

Mark Rauterkus said...


Can you help me get onto the ballot?

What do you think about that?