Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hot scoop, exclusive insights on High School Reform Report

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You heard it here first. The long awaited report on high school reform for Pgh Public Schools is about to be released. A group of hand-picked weenies were locked away for months and months. They slaved at the request of Superintendent Mark Roosevelt. They didn't allow for any leaks -- until now.

They will report to the Pgh Public School Board within hours.

They want the students to learn more. They think it would help if the students were nicer to each other and had an environment where discipline isn't just a four-letter word. Plus, they'd like 'rigor' to become the new drinking word in all academic settings.
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Anonymous said...

Report on “Remaking Our High Schools: Graduating All Students With A Plan For The Future”

Tonight the Education Committee of the Pittsburgh Public Schools will hear recommendations from the High School Reform Task Force on the plan to remake Pittsburgh’s high schools. Findings from the A+ Schools’ community meeting on high school reform were given to the Pittsburgh Public Schools to inform these recommendations.

Attached is the full report that was compiled from the community forum on high school reform on March 27th. It summarizes remarks made by our speaker - Superintendent Mark Roosevelt – as well as the discoveries made during our small group discussions in which approximately 150 people participated.

The findings from the small discussion groups include:

* Participants were cautiously optimistic by the scope of the reform
* There was strong support for the personalization aspect of the plan – individual students feeling their education is of importance to adults and that their specific needs can be met
* Participants feel that preparation for high school is essential and should begin with rigorous education in much earlier grades
* Participants expressed a lot of concern about teaching and teachers; are teachers adequately prepared for what is demanded in high schools today?
* Participants were generally supportive of the Pittsburgh Promise and underscored the importance of the plan and prepare aspects of the program
* Participants felt the focus on safety and discipline was very important and appreciated that the Superintendent expressed a clear understanding of the issue

The report also includes a summary of participant evaluations and detailed notes from each small discussion group.

You can also visit the A+ Schools website at www.aplusschools.org for online access to the report and to find out more about how A+ Schools is advancing the highest educational achievement and character development for every public school student.