Monday, April 16, 2007

Passing an election day deadline. The gallop continues ....

Another way to look at The Burgh Report "More on Peduto's Withdrawal" is to ask, "Do you want to play DEFENSE or OFFENSE?"

In football, on third down, when the game (our city's general health) is on the line, with backs to the wall, I want to stay on offense. I'll choose to throw a 'hail mary.'

Otherwise, take a knee and punt. Or worse, don't punt -- just go home and quit.

Should you believe ("belive") Peduto punted. Then, Peduto is now on defense. Even when on defense, snap the chin strap on and blitz! Rush! Try to grab the ball. Don't huddle. Don't go to the sidelines. Don't go home.

The first play from a defensive Peduto, (in my not so humble opinion), to be called should be campaign finance reform. There is no time to wait.

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