Monday, April 16, 2007

Racism-plank-Paul - PittsburghPlatform

Racism-plank-Paul - PittsburghPlatform It's disconcerting to see third parties become involved and presume to speak collectively for minority groups. It is precisely this collectivist mindset that is at the heart of racism.

The women basketball players on the court don't have a radio show. They don't have the juice, such as that of Don Imus. They are college kids. They can try, but would not be successful in speaking out on their own.

We saw a bunch of people rally around the kids. The players need to battle Univ. of Tenn. They need to play ball, study, and be well-rounded student athletes.

I didn't like Imus picking on the players because they are kids. A pro player in the NBA would have the juice to duke it out with Imus.

Still, I agree that government doesn't need to get involved. But, people do. People did. Advertisers spoke too. That's great. That's part of the success of this saga.

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