Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Twanda and two others, staffers, are in hot water


If the Pittsburgh Ethics Hearing Board was functional, perhaps some of this could have been avoided sooner.

Regardless, Twanda is toast. She is sunk politically, I expect. So, let's not spend too much time wondering about her when we need to spend more time looking ahead. Who is the best qualified to be on council to take her place? Who has the best statements and vision for council district 9? Who is going to win the D primary? Who is going to enter the general election? Who can beat David Adams? And, isn't he, David Adams, the best for the job?

I'm name dropping here as he isn't in the D party primary. And, he wants to be on council. And, I know that the winner of the general election is the won to take the oath of office come January 2008.

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Matt H said...

Who is David Adams?