Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Video from candidate night at South Side Slopes will come online some day

The South Side Slopes Neighborhood Group had a candidate night. I got some video. It was a nice event if you like the drones of the Ds and Rs.

I didn't hear the word Freedom, Liberty, War, nor Children once. Justice was talked about with the Sheriff candidates. When they talked, I didn't tape, sadly. They were good and the contrast among the three was interesting.

Michael Lamb came late and only got to give a 3-minute statement at the closing. Mike Dawida came after others had talked and got 3-minutes by himself as well, without the camera.

Rick Swartz was there, as was Dan Onorato. I don't think I'll be able to post the video without injecting my thoughts along the way. With the candidates of district 9, I had no problem in letting the video flow without a peep. In some of these other instances, I'm leaning to a cut-and-paste reaction to what was said.

The night started with talks from Jeff Koch and Bruce Kraus. Some of what they said was missed as well, as I didn't get there until after swim practice.

All in all, I thought Doug Shields did a good job. Better than I expected. But, he had an easy night in that his only other heavy weight opponent was Tony P, a guy that has been parked on Grant Street for a long time too.

I heard that Comcast has an ON-DEMAND candidate debate among the D controllers in the field. Is this true? I don't have the digital cable package. Is it worth my watching? It is an on-demand, but without an extra charge, so I understand. Insights welcome.

As they say in the TV world, .... "Stay tuned!"

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