Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another game of political chicken. This really sucks.

The blog post is great, but the overall position for the city residents sucks.
The Burgh Report: BURGH REPORT EXCLUSIVE: Orie's Letter Threatens to Withhold State Funds if Mayor Signs Parking Tax Freeze BURGH REPORT EXCLUSIVE: Orie's Letter Threatens to Withhold State Funds
I made a statement within the blog's comment area. My words are reposted here:

Another real problem is the issue with Jane Orie -- a regional R. This is a trend that sucks. Let me explain.

It is a cut-off-the-nose-despite-the-face ordeal.

For a 5% parking tax reduction, she'd crush the city and yank away MILLIONS.

This is also a 'political game of chicken.'

Tom Murphy played it time and time again.

The foundation folks (old money) played the same game by pulling out millions from the city's school budget because some bickering came to a boil and to help Ed Rendell look better for his flop in Philly.

In the end, the city residents and the city kids get screwed.

Behaviors like this suck.

All Ds and Rs in elected office are to blame. Their tiny views are killing the city and the urban center of the region.

This is what I mean by them batting at the leaves on the tree of suffering. Attack at the roots!

I expect that Luke, on the 9th day, will veto the bill. Then council will gather up the steam to over-ride the veto -- for a couple cycles yet to come. Huffing and puffing on the increase.

Here is a bold idea: Shut down Grant Street until after Jan 1. Throw them all out. And the rage should extend to Orie and the overlords too.

The solution -- in the end -- is to have the city pull its own weight. Same too with the county. We have to be masters of our own destiny. I want self-reliant positions.

This city shrinks its population and youth continue to leave until we are 'free' to do what we should be doing. City government needs to act with a clear purpose -- with limited government.

In terms of resolving this parking fight -- go to the Parking Authority. This 5% decrease is but a pimple when you have a better plan for the long term future -- i.e., liquidation of the Parking Authority.

Real leadership is not going to be afraid to put real solutions onto the table for full-blown discussions.

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