Tuesday, October 02, 2007

County Council's public hearing on new drink taxes and new rental car taxes -- big fuss in shame for Onorato

I have a lot to say about the public hearing as well as the overall situation. But this sign is just too good to hold.

From Come Live Ove...

A union guy said that he's been to a lot of places and drank in many joints. He felt certain that the drinks in Pittsburgh are cheap enough now that a little extra won't be much of a hardship. Furthermore, if people knew that a quarter or thirty cents from every beer purchased at a bar was going to go to fund mass transit, people would drink even more. It would be going to a good cause!

I spoke. I'll try to upload my comments and more insights in the morning, after looking at what the newspapers print.

But the highlight of the night was Chelsa Wagner, State Rep., Democrat. She hit it out of the park! In her statement, she was disturbed that the good people were pitted against one another. She is against the new taxes.

The low light was a faxed letter from Dan Frankle, east end, state rep. His message, read by Rich Fitzgerald, was full of mumbo-jumbo b.s.

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