Saturday, October 13, 2007


A HOME RUN: "When I’m Mayor, I’ll work to strengthen the City’s ethics code, not weaken it for my own benefit."
DeSantis wants to strengthen the ethics code. Ravenstahl wants to weaken it.

Meanwhile, I want to be certain that the ethics code isn't about politicians at all. It needs to be stronger for the sake of citizens and whistle blowers.

Let's strengthen the ethics code by elimination of the confidentiality clause -- right now. Let's strengthen the ethics code with the elimination of all threats of punishments and liabilities against those who file ethics complaints.

DeSantis needs to be much more specific.

One could think that the ethics code could get stronger by giving them more powers -- and bigger clubs to pound against citizens who wish to file complaints yet hold onto First Amendment Rights too.

I have been specific in my complaints with the ethics hearing board.

Mark DeSantis and Luke Ravenstahl should, and could, join with me, along with other members of city council, to demand that the ethics hearing board's code eliminate the confidentiality clause and eliminate all threats against citizens.

More to come on this topic, as I spoke on Friday at the Ethics Hearing Board meeting.

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