Wednesday, October 03, 2007 - U.S. Attorney To Investigate Ravenstahl's Car Use - U.S. Attorney To Investigate Ravenstahl's Car Use But that assurance was not enough for U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan, who issued this statement: "The recent allegations regarding improprieties by Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl that have been brought to the attention of my office will be reviewed as are all allegations of misconduct by public officials. Without complete knowledge of the facts, it would be premature to discuss potential federal criminal violations."

But Ravenstahl says he did nothing wrong.

"No, not at all," said Ravenstahl. "I don't think there's the appearance of impropriety here."
Think again, Luke.


Anonymous said...

John K. says: I find it odd that this blog attacks the Mayor in the fashion that they do. Not that he doesn't deserve it. What is odd is that the author of this blog cannot tolerate the same type of criticism or attacks. Throwing stones is one thing, but when the whine begins when the stones are returned with the same amount of force as when thrown, that indicates some type of behavior problem. Usually control issues.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Here is the difference, odd one.

This is MY blog.

The stones can NOT be returned with the same force to me for many reasons. First, I'm not the mayor. Second, this is my blog.

If you want to open your own blog and if you want to hurl your odd quips, do it there, elsewhere.

But, you (John K.) has not ever made any post here that shows any advance thought.

Anonymous said...

The behavior of this young mayor is everything that should not be..he should be a leader.

He acts like a person entitled to "special" treatment and who is above the law. As far as I am concerned, at the minimum, he needs to reimburse the City or the Dept of Homeland Security for the fair market value of the use of that asset. ITS NOT a FREE RIDE LUKE...

Just another reason for me to vote for Mark D. for mayor. This young, carefree and above the law person does not deserve my vote.

Mark, keep on doing what you doing. Thank you!

Frank Greco said...

Once again, Mary Beth Buchanan appears to be targeting a Democrat to further her political ambitions. I konw many want to see the Mayor go down, but this issue is not one that should be brought forth to a federal court. The law being referenced is meant for something more severe than what Luke is accused of. What is next - "Going after Luke for ripping mattress tags off of mattresses?"

I personally ask would Mary Beth Buchanan be able to stay out of jail if an independent review took place of her and her actions. The Wecht case, the Risha case, the Rottschaefer case, etc. are blatant examples of misappropriating resources for personal ambitions. Additionally, there are many accusations on the table that Mary Beth Buchanan has used the power of plea deals to coerce false testimony, that Mary Beth Buchanan has targeted Democrats with BS suits, that Mary Beth Buchanan has utilized the media to taint the jury pool prior to trials in her favor, etc.

To bad Mary Beth Buchanan can not investigate herself.

Mark Rauterkus said...

I don't know how many miles, how many trips, how many times he was told, nor how expensive the perks were.

That's worthy of an investigation.

When you look in one area, things might show up in other areas too.

I have a serious problem with Luke going to political events and using the chief of police as a political blocking back. Nate Harper is the new Dennis Regan -- in Luke's mind.

Tom said...

Luke is correct about one thing: there is no "appearance of inpropriety."

Fact is, it is an inpropriety in every sense of the word.

Mary Beth Buchanan is doing her job. If it's a Democrat abusing perks with incredible excess, then it's a Democrat. Republicans who are doing "bad things" are in the papers every day.

It's the uninitiated that makes this a region of Democratic sheep.