Monday, October 08, 2007

LaGrotta points fingers at top Dems

LaGrotta points fingers at top Dems: "A former state House member under investigation on allegations he put family members in state jobs and then padded their pay, has given extensive details to the attorney general's office about inside dealings in the Democratic caucus as part of a growing investigation into the use of state workers for political campaigns."
Jeepers. This isn't news to me.

Perhaps this explains why and how the PA Senate's office (district 42) in Harrisburg was leveraged as a research arm in August 2006. They have been using office staffers to do campaign work -- a real "no no."

After I filed papers with the state to get onto the ballot for PA Senate, against Senator Wayne Fontana, I got a challenge and was rushed to court. The paperwork that was delivered to me by the sheriff concerning the challenge was a political document of the highest order. It was a 'hit piece.' It aimed to remove me from the ballot so Wayne Fontana would be without an opponent.

Well, the fax header remained on the document. The document went through the Senator's office, with the 717 area code, clearly visible on all the pages.

I got two copies. One was served via US Mail, The other came via in-person notice from the court's delivery constable. The letter head was from a mid-state attorney's office. However, fax numbers remained on one of the copies.

Those in the State Senate 42nd office worked to bring a challenge against me concerning ballot access. These are court records, entered into the official record. The judge in Harrisburg found the documents very interesting. He said that they were for another judge another day to deal with.

Well, the very next day I was due to start a coaching gig in Canada with my sons. I didn't have the ability to stay in Harriburg for the next two weeks to prove that I was eligible to stay on the ballot. So, I pulled off the ballot and headed north, knowing that this matter would get its due attention in due time.

Ethics violations with the state do NOT expire for five years.

Let's see. I could have camped in Harrisburg or gone to camp in Canada.

Meanwhile, Titus North was in a battle to say on the ballot and won. But, he lost a month of his life in doing so. And, the Green candidate for US Senate was fighting to stay on the ballot and was hit with a $400k bill with court costs.

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