Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pittsburgh's housing blight worsens - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Pittsburgh's housing blight worsens - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Mayor Luke Ravenstahl today called the situation, which has worsened during his 13 months in office,"
We heard last night in statements from Luke Ravenstahl that the city is in much better condition than it was 13 months ago, when Luke took office. With this quote, it seems as if the city is in worse shape. These conflicting statements are both from the same person, Luke himself.

I expect that the there is an increase in vacant and condemned homes.

Pittsburgh's housing stock isn't getting any younger. Nor are its senior citizens.

Furthermore, the city is not seeing an influx of new residents. As 10,000 people depart the city each year, thousands of other houses are going to be sitting idle and speeding towards decay.

Here we go again. The city is getting deeper and deeper into the business of knocking downs houses, destroying property, playing land lord, and erasing blight. However, the real world results prove that the reverse is happening. Blight grows. Debt grows too.

The city is in a losing battle.

The city is going overboard -- and -- we are all going to suffer.

These abandoned houses in the city are a nuisance. However, the shootings of the kids on the street are way worse.

The Redd Up Crew is now turning to WRECKING Crew. That's Tear DOWN, not Redd UP.

Purpose matters.

Look at these numbers: Police have seized 30 illegal firearms and made 31 drug seizures over SEVEN YEARS.

Who owns this house? I bet the owner is the City of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh does a bad job at tearing down houses. And, Pittsburgh does a worse job at owning property. And, Pittsburgh owns far too much property.


Matt H said...

Good thing you didn't bet any real money.

The house belongs to:


Mark Rauterkus said...

Thanks for the insights.

So, the city is tearing down a house that isn't owned by the city.

I guess the city should own the property now.

Is the owner of the house / property given a bill?

Are new liens put on the property?