Monday, October 08, 2007

Special event: Fast Break for Fathers - Sunday, Nov 4, 2007 -- UPMC SportsWorks next to Heinz Field

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UPMC SportsWorks is the site for our FIFTH event -- Fast Break for Fathers.

You can go for free. However, you have to get the form and fax it to the Pittsburgh office of the National Fatherhood Initiative. You, and your kids, must be pre-registered.

The UPMC SportsWorks is going to go away shortly. PAT (Port Authority Transit) has recently made a deal with the Science Center to buy the building so it can be used for a few years as a temporary building zone for the under river tunnel.

I'm on the local advisory committee for the Fatherhood group. I'll be at the event, like past years, helping. It is a good time. In the past years, we had exercises and other fun with the participants.

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