Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tonight's debate: Tony Oliva, Libertarian, serves up a great opening food joke. Best line of the night.

Lots of people in Pittsburgh are going to have egg on their faces.

You had to be there.

Meanwhile in all the statements at the debate, mainly by the old-party Dem and old-party Republican, I didn't hear the word "kids" nor "freedom" nor "liberty" once.

In another blog I post:

The overlords suck. The overlords don't present anything of merit to hang one's hat upon for long term vision.

What is "progressive" and what counts as "real reform" needs to be understood, talked about and more. Sadly, when some are excluded -- not INCLUDED -- we many never hear the full story.

Harrisburg isn't going to bail out Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh must save itself. We must pull our own weight.

The R politicians who serve in Harrisburg, such as Jane Orie and Mike Turzai are not the ones who put the city in its ugly position. And, I have no faith that they will help do anything positive either. Like the overlords, the state reps and state senators are nearly worthless. There is no hope with them.

We are own our own. That is the progressive way. That is what we must do. That is real reform.

Be prudent. Be free. Pull YOUR OWN WEIGHT, Pittsburgh. Grow our way out of this mess by parenting our kids and making them the strongest generation ever -- able to compete with anyone.

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