Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Another fruitless tail chaser from Kraus

Tom's Diner is going to be open 24-hours a day and they still want to keep their decorative fence bolted into the sidewalk for the outdoor tables for patrons.

Beyond the expansion of hours, Penny (owner) and her business is finishing the move into three storefronts.

Last year this sillyness hit council when Jeff Koch was on council. Well, this didn't sit well with the challenger, Bruce Kraus. Kraus got the seat. To the victor's go the spoils -- so it seems with him. The present aim is to heap hassle upon local business and cause a fuss about little of merit.

Folly looks like this.

It flows from some more than others.

So, Kraus wants the rope to be pulled off of the sidewalk at the close of business. But, now that the place is going to be 24-hours.

Another law department opinion is needed. Perhaps the opinion will come before this volcano of an issue comes to a head.

We need railings to corral sillyness that spews from council chambers.

Doug Shields mentioned that the Pgh Downtown Partnership is pushing for standards.

Tonya Payne said she'd abstain, breaking a personal preference. When asked by Kraus if he could resolve any questions she has, she said it would take too much time.

Kraus won the vote. The business owners get the shaft from the city, again.

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