Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Mayor's veto on 2008-0154 hits council and the take home cars are ...

Rev. Burgess, on city council, pushed to nix the take home cars. The veto vote came after a letter from the councilman to the mayor was put into the record.

It would be good to have that letter published. Pointers welcome.

Existence of 'unofficial' take-home cars could complicate stricter city rules: "A city of Pittsburgh public works vehicle is parked nightly on Salisbury Street in Arlington, across from the home of Streets Program Supervisor Jeff Koch, a former city councilman.

A city-owned 2002 Chevy pickup rests behind the Stanton Heights fire station, a block from the home of the construction supervisor to whom it's assigned. A 2007 pickup and a 1999 GMC Jimmy settle every evening in the Moore Park parking lot in Brookline, the home neighborhood of the public works supervisors who use them daily.

They're unofficial take-home cars, or take-almost-home cars, not included on the lists of vehicles City Council and Mayor Luke Ravenstahl have wrestled over for weeks. Their existence may complicate a move toward firm rules on the use of city cars, an issue that is the subject of a veto override vote set for today's council meeting.
Yesterday's broken leg of Darlene Harris' mother kept her out of council chambers. Go figure. Her vote would have been necessary to over-ride the veto.

The mayor won that round with a veto proof margin.

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