Friday, May 06, 2005

Campaign Finance Reports due -- news shortly from the others

Today is a deadline for putting in the campaign finance reports.

The committee raised about $3,300 in cash donations. The in-kind ia about the same. The money on hand is around $100. But, I've got a source for another $1,000 or so to land the campaign.

Four years ago, I ran for Mayor in a contested Republican primary. Both me an my opponent raised about $600 each. We got about 2,000 votes each. I got votes for about $.30 each.

Four years ago, in the Dem primary for mayor, Tom Murphy and Bob O'Connor each raised about $1-million and got just more than 30,000 votes. They got votes for about $30 each.

I expect I'll get votes for $.50 each -- and get between 3,000 and 15,000 votes.

Meanwhile, we'll see how much money is being spent by the other camps. But, a bulk of that money is from Harrisburg, not local. To unravel the source of the money, as it comes from the state committees is a bit more trickey. Hope we have good reporters. The other camps might get votes for $100 to $50 each.

Time will tell.

To vote for me, Mark Rauterkus, Libertarian, it cost $0. After the curtin closes in the voting booth, look to the top row, white background, lever 3-SP.

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