Saturday, May 07, 2005


Lots of effort was devoted to the disaster day at PNC Park today. Practice is good. I am a coach. I know practice counts and matters. You either use it or loose it. It is hard to knock practice, cooperation, safe behaviors.

Without a doubt, lots of volunteers were involved, and necessary.

I kept my nose clean, milling from scene to scene. Didn't want to get tossed out of the place. Yesterday's fireworks were enough. Hear some rumblings. Saw the bomb backpack getting dropped into the county's bomb squad blender from its tow rope. Lots of hardware and man power was engaged.

The lifeguard in me can easily understand the efforts of the disaster drill. However, I'm generally come from a perspective of wellness.

It is going to take plenty of band-aids to heal the world.

Some devote their lives to cleaning up the mess others get themselves into. (i.e., Emergency Rooms, trama centers, funeral home operators, bankrupcy dealmakers.)

Some devote their lives to the creation of new messes to replace the existing ones.

Others devote ther lives to making no mess at all.

And, among others sure that are left unsaid, comes the last example.

I am devoted to the reaching of one's potential. To soar, to excel, to strive for excellence is what drives me.

I am more in my element at Sunday morning's big community event, the race for the cure in Schenley Park.

Good luck to the runners. Good luck to the researchers for their discovery that improves prevention, diagnostics and treatments. And most of all, best of luck and strength to the women and their extended families of support in dealing with cancer and other issues.


Franco Harris said...

I'm glad to see Pittsburgh is devoted to Disaster Prevention. Way to go Guys.

Rob said...

Did you see some loon laughing like a maniac as he was getting hosed by the fire department as part of decon?

It was a fun day in the midst of the seriousness. Perhaps by being ready, someone will stop and think "Maybe there are better ways to make my point - ways that are more constructive!"

I can always hope.

I'm going to the race tomorrow, too!