Friday, May 06, 2005

Failures from AARP, Diven and Fontana. My stand for inclusion, diversity and reson got me kicked out of the Station Square Ballroom -- News on WTAE TV

I didn't get arrested.

I did get kicked out of the AARP event after I raised a "point of order" to be included in the debate and statements today at Station Square.

The AARP moderator had only total denial to offer as an excuse. He said he didn't know I was on the ballot -- but -- he lied. He knew. I told him on a number of occasions. He knew, as the campaign manager had told him and the others with the AARP for the past two weeks.

News coverage is expected from WTAE TV 4.

I got a nice ovation at the event as I made the statement. The expected negative reply came from the stage. Then came my exit -- under protest.

Diven and Fontana are failures at making the situation as it should. They agree with me in principle. But, they fail to stand up for their principles. Neither are suited for the state senate.

This would NEVER happen if the tables were turned. I didn't let it happen in the past. I told my opponent when there were candidate events.

You can't have a valid meet the candidates program when you don't meet all the candidates -- despite the candidates being there and wanting to present.

We send our men and women around the world to fight -- give their lives -- for the sake of democracy and freedoms. Those efforts are valid but turn in vain when our democracy at home is worthless.

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