Friday, May 06, 2005

Good questions from PoliticsPA's renewed message board

Sadly, I'm to spent to dig into these questions right now. Good ones to ponder -- or allow others here to reply.

What do you think the top three issues are in your district?
Let’s say the voter turnout is 48,000.  What portion of that vote do you see yourself getting, and why?
Do you trust the voters of the 42nd district will make an informed decision when electing their next Senator?
When the number one issue in the 42nd district is property taxes, why do you choose to deal with other items like corporate welfare, pool schedules, trash pick-up and so on?
Name what you see your number 1 accomplishment is that defines your term/terms as senator.
An old woman comes into your State Senate office and tells you that she can no longer afford her property taxes and unless she pays $2500 in back taxes by month’s end, her house will be sold at sheriff’s sale.  What would you do for her, or what would you tell her?
I hope to hear from you, and only ask these questions because it will help me make a better informed decision.

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