Thursday, May 05, 2005

Technical blunders elsewhere are at every turn. The frustration mounts on lack of quality throughout.

The lack of effective and efficient governmental services drove me to run for public office. The lack of efforts to support quality of life elements is depressing. But, same too with the efforts at hand with the campaign.

Allow me to rant on this 5-5-05 occasion.

On the PCNC TV show with David Johnson -- neither my ear monitor nor my microphone worked. There was a terrible sound buzzing through the show's broadcast.

On the City Paper article, now at newstands, lacks a working link to the article from within the City Paper's own web site.

Our purchase of hardware brought the excuse, "new firmware." Now the third unit is entering the office.

The web content's migration to disk hasn't been smooth sailing.

With a race, you expect to find a few hurdles. They are out there.

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