Saturday, September 03, 2005

ACORN is on the move

We started the day with every ACORN member we could reach calling their Congresspeople in outrage about how the people of New Orleans were left low and wet! One woman called me back to tell me that she told Santorum's aide that they got soldiers over to Iraq to start a war faster than they could send soldiers to NOLA to save people in the disaster!

So many of our staff and members are missing. ACORN's National Headquarters was in New Orleans. It is so horrible. Today, we found twelve ACORN families in various places, hungry, wet, thirsty, but alive. One family had nineteen people, cousins, grandmother, kids, etc. They suffered much, but searched for each other then stayed together. They have found homes with other ACORN families in Houston, and do not have to live in the Astrodome.

This heartened me, and I sent out a challenge to my church- I will take in a family, will you? We have several families who would open their homes. I think we should send out a church challenge to every church- we will find many takers.

Fundraisers, two are in the planning stages. The first, a fundraiser by Jazz musicians to benefit Jazz musicians who are victims of the hurricane. The second, a big fundraiser by several local musicians who have huge followings, which will raise money for resettlement, as well as temporary needs.Both of them will be staffed out by ACORN staff and members. We are looking for volunteers. We asked Rev Johnny Monroe from Grace Memorial Church to take care of the financial conduit, and he said he would.

See you in church on Monday.

Maryellen (see comments for contact info)

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