Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Grant S is headed home after delivering supplies to the Gulf

Way to go Grant S. He took a turck load of goods to the gulf in the wake of Katrina. He wrote (via Kathy and edited slightly by the webmaster) in part:

... PS I found four lost salvation army trucks, and got them provisioned again, and got national guard to donate ice and water until the head office in Jackson was able to re-supply them. They thought they thought they may have been looted or worse, but they just ran out of gas and got lost with no communications. And they ran out of provisions. Have pictures of all this, with me in some, just to make Ray jealous. Now that the women will see ME in he man mode.

HOT, buggy and wet. The sand bugs like to bite me. Safety is good and lots of good people are down here helping. Stayed in a huge Baptist Church last night. Many good people arriving from all over now. I am coming back soon. Food is gone, and I am tired.

Love to all G

Grant S -- you are our hero. Safe travels home. If you want help uploading those photos and telling your story on the web -- give me a call.


Mark Rauterkus said...

BTW, early in the post, Grant did mention that he was a bit short on cash. I expect he'll put out a call again for funds and I'll link to it.

Anonymous said...

Greetings all,

I have returned from Katrina area, with many pictures, all donated food
gone, and the "Mexican Trots".

Will forward to list some pictues as I get them onto cd, meanwhle here are a
few. One I send is in Mobile, where a 60ft tidal wave brought boats and
barges inland, with huge effect, and some others show what wind will do to

As I say, more later, I have lots to do, to the people who have already
donated for the truck and trailer of food and goods I took with me, many
thanks, to those of you who may have not gotten my request for financial
assistance to meet what at this date is a $2, 900 or so shortfall, you may -
sorry, but I am out of work and need to spread this around if possible.

Pictures I took attached, many more to come, maybe the TJTT will host a
report some day soon from me, with slide shows.

PS All of the people to whom we handed out food and water to, are VERY
thankful to Pittsburgh and I have many of their stories to tell, when I see
you guys personally, from them.

Fond regards,