Friday, September 02, 2005

James, we miss you.

My kids had their second day of school today. James, a teacher's aid, has not yet been to the school. He is generally in the same classroom as Grant (my youngest on the left).

The last time we saw James was in Thailand. He took us to a Thai Boxing event, where this photo was taken.
James is flanked by Grant and Erik in this picture.  Posted by Picasa

Erik's teacher from last year, Dr. Smith, is not in school either. She is taking a year to study in Mexico. Erik and Grant are both in the Spanish magnet track at our local school. We wish Dr. Smith, a 4th grade teacher, great success in her year that is sure to bring lots of exploration abroad.

At the open house before school started, I did get to meet the new Mark R, the boss of PPS. But, I didn't take any photos.

The football schedule for Pittsburgh Public Schools got an adjustment from the past. For starters, South isn't in the league. Games at Cupples Stadium, on the South Side, occur on Thursday night, 7 pm; Friday at 7 pm; and three times on Saturdays at noon, 3:30 and 7 pm.

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