Sunday, September 11, 2005

Letter to the editor about Katrinia and its lesson

Worthy of a reprint here:
Lessons from Katrina

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Not surprisingly, the "blame game" is in full swing, an aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Individuals are busy pointing fingers and agreeing when the blame is placed on everyone in sight -- everyone, that is, except you and me (and they are not too sure about you).

They are expecting perfection from a government that cannot perform even its legitimate basic functions well.

The excess reliance on government, relieving the individual of responsibility, was initiated in the 1930s and has proliferated since.

This misguided thinking is not what grew this country and made it prosperous; this misguided thinking is bound to make this country poor.

This philosophy says it is the government's fault if people are poor, and that all are entitled to an affluent old age. This is embodied in our failing Social Security system.

When are people going to stop relying on the government to do everything? Perhaps Hurricane Katrina will help us to become sane?

George J. Heideman, Ligonier

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