Sunday, September 11, 2005

That Dam Ride -- concluded. I'm going to rest now.

My son, Erik, 10, and I spent the weekend bonding -- while covering 140 miles on a two day bike trip, That Dam Ride.

Great weather. Great trail. Super everything. My boy was great too.

Note to world: I saw three bits of litter on the trail, all today. That's it.

We spent the night in the tent. Sadly, the tent did not make it home with us. Thank goodness there was a lost and found and friendly, responsible locals who helped me get the tent back on Monday. YES! Thanks! The tent is home again.

On the second day, Erik caught onto the skill of "drafting."

Day one we rolled out at 8:03 am under a big cover of fog. Got to the campsite, mile marker 59, at 4:30 pm. The last 20 miles were hard. The ice cream stop with 11-miles to go was NECESSARY.

On the second day we rolled out at 7:47 am -- as in 747 time to fly. And we did. The first 40 miles we must have averaged 12 mph, going 14 or 15 mph in stretches in a few packs. We got to the final spot, mile marker 128, at 3:05 pm. Plus, we had a 45-minute stop.

All in all -- great time.

Nice tunes last night by Wado Young.

I didn't take the digital camera. Got a few film photos from a throw-away camera to post later.

What's next? Perhaps the Junior The Great Race (on Sunday afternoon) and then the Great Race. What else are we missing?

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zp said...

Congrats! I was out on a short ride on the Yough trail this weekend . . . Maybe someday I'll do That Dam Ride! Everyone headed towards us looked very determined to finish this afternoon . . .