Friday, September 02, 2005

Neighborhoods want slice of slots pie

Greed is deadly. Envy has been driving too many decision in Pittsburgh for too many years.
Neighborhoods want slice of slots pie: "But Pittsburgh Council President Gene Ricciardi yesterday proposed eliminating the middle man all together. He said the city itself should apply for the slots license.
He said an estimated $250 million in revenue the city could glean as a slots operator could eliminate city property taxes, reduce the debt, improve infrastructure and help fund a new arena.
Ricciardi said he'd ask council to pass a resolution supporting such an application. Council lacks the power to force such a move, however.

The city can't even do a decent job in the oversight of an ice rink, nor the management of outdoor swim pools, nor its own budget and pension funds.

Now a city leader wants to run a casino.

The city can't build a convention center that gets proper use because it forgot about the hotel space for visitors.

Deals don't get done to take care of the whole problem.

The city needs to focus on fixing roads and bridges -- not running a casino.

If you want to cut out the middle man, then give the casino license to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium. That would be much better than what Ricciardi suggested.

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