Wednesday, September 07, 2005

PA Clean Sweep: PCN call in show at 7 pm on SEPT 7

PACleanSweep founder Russ Diamond is slated to join PCN for a live call-in show about the pay raise issue. Russ will be in-studio for an hour to field calls with host Brian Lockman.

September 7th (tonight!!) at 7:00 p.m.

Call 1-877-726-5001 with comments or questions.

PA House Democratic Whip, Rep. Mike Veon, was also scheduled to appear on the program, but backed out for some strange reason. Rep. Will Gabig, reported sponsor of a bill to repeal the "unvouchered expenses" portion of Act 44 is now slated to appear instead.

See comments for tips on good questions to ask if you call in.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Good questions to ask if you call:

- If my rep/senator is in leadership, won't voting him out result in my district losing some of its influence in Harrisburg?

- If the "unvouchered expenses" are unconstitutional, doesn't that
mean that those who voted "yes" on the pay raise or took the money
violated their oath of office?

- I've been seeing my rep on TV doing public service announcements
lately. Why is he/she spending tax dollars to advertise services that
are already taken care of by other state agencies?

- What if they repeal the pay raise? Will that make the public
uproar go away?

Check your local cable guide for the PCN channel in your area. You
also may be able to watch it on the PCN website..