Friday, September 02, 2005

Philadelphia Inquirer - Election test starts online donations

Changes to the rules come very late in the game in New Jersey.
Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/29/2005 | Election test starts online donations: "With the deadline to qualify in New Jersey's first 'Clean Elections' only eight days away, rules have been eased for collecting the 1,500 small contributions candidates need to participate in the public-financing pilot program.

This is junk. Citizens are being asked to make $5 and $30 donations and the transactions are at a State Treasury Department site that isn't even open yet.

Prior planning prevents poor performances.

On the other hand, at least they are trying. Meanwhile in Pittsburgh, seems as if efforts are dead in the water. Peduto was to champion a campaign finance reform bill, and I've heard NOTHING about this in months. Nothing, and I was on the committee.

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