Thursday, September 08, 2005

RUMOR: Show Me State converts prison into apartments / shelter for 10,000 Katrina survivors

This is a working post where the outcome isn't known -- yet. Help with insights is welcomed. Just leave a comment below, please.

I heard in Pittsburgh (from a trusted source, a grad student at Pitt with family in Missouri) that 10,000 people are taking shelter in apartments that were converted from a former PRISON.

Kwel idea. Take a closed prison, rush to convert the spaces to apartments, host your neighbors in need.

But, I can't find any news of this -- yet. Pointers would be helpful. So, in my search I wrote to a journalist with a byline in MO who had done a recent article on ways locals are helping and he replied within minutes:
To the best of my knowledge, that's merely a rumor.

Missouri recently closed an old prison and opened a new one, and I know people have floated the idea of using the old prison, but I don't believe it's happening.



Meanwhile, what has become of the old Allegheny Prison on the North Side?

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