Thursday, September 08, 2005 - Olympics - Koreas agree on unified team for 2006 Asian Games

Playing well together is nice.

Generally I say that the mind leads and the body follows. Sometimes the body leads and the politicians follow too. Sports are a venue for improvements of relationships. I love to see advances in sports be transfered to other pursuits in life.
Sports Illustrated The two Koreas agreed to field a unified team for the 2006 Asian Games.
The agreement came during a meeting between the heads of the North and South Olympic organizations in the Guangzhou, China, the South Korean Olympic Committee said Thursday. Details are still to be worked out.

The nations also tentatively decided to form a unified soccer team for exhibition games against Brazil next spring in Pyongyang and Seoul.

Sports exchanges between the Koreas have flourished following a breakthrough meeting of the two nations' leaders in 2000. Athletes from the North and South marched together at the opening and the closing ceremonies of the 2000 and 2004 Olympics.

The 2006 Asian Games are scheduled for Dec. 1-16, 2006 at Qatar.

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