Friday, September 02, 2005

To live in die in 2005 is nothing more than poverty, age and skin color ... so it was said

A Represenative from Georgia is sounding off now about the conditions in New Orleans. He is strong in his talk about this saga being all about poverty and the frail urban treatments. This problem brews beyond New Orleans' dire situation.

This is a topic that we should be blogging about. But, it is hard to write and break into a conversation as talk can be taken out of context.

First things first. We need permission to blab. And, we need safe places to do so. And, frankly, this blog is not a "free flowing, anything-goes" space on the digital landscape.

Next, we need pointers to what he and others are saying. We need to pull those comments out for others to find or repost (even here). Then, after the light gets put onto the statements, in fair treatments, then we can reply and respond.

Parts of what is being said make sense. On one interview I heard him say that the US Senate's passage of a bill for $10.5 BILLION was not nearly enough. He was seeking $200 Billion for all urban centers to make programs to fix these urban poor situations. Humm....

At first blush, I find myself at odds with that concept ($200 Billion of new Federal money for urban programms).

I don't think they should start the printing presses so as to print new money to give away in new urban programs.

Now, let's see what we can find and begin to get a sustained conversation on these matters -- somewhere, somehow.

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