Thursday, September 08, 2005

Univ. of Pittsburgh has a club for LIBERTARIANS. The first meeting report follows.

Hi all! We had the first meeting of the Pitt libertarian club last
night, and I think it was a great success!

We had around 15 people come, many of them freshman students.

A few of them were there to get more information, and we had several that already knew alot about the LP that wanted to be very active (perhaps even meeting more than monthly) and raise funds.

We ate 4 out of the 5 pizzas we had (the 5th one was free...they had an extra one I think), cracked some jokes, discussed the politics of South Park and threw around some T-shirt ideas (one student's idea and later drawing of an elephant humping a donkey and the resulting hybrid was hilarious).

We also have another student named Scott, who is in the National Guard, whom shall be interesting to talk to in future about the geopolitics of the military.

Re: Dave E and CMU Libs: It turns out that 7 PM is too early, as there are several people that had night classes (Scott even skipped his first Calc class because he wanted to attend so badly!), so we decided to push the time back to 8PM, perhaps with a video to start things off and let the stragglers coem in. Dave, do you think you and the CMU people can work with this?

I've got to run now...more later!

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