Thursday, November 03, 2005

Analogy of Cookie Jar and Football Game because taxpayers are not sheep!!!
The Cookie Jar Analogy
When children are caught stealing from the cookie jar, the first thing they do is drop the cookie. That's where we're at right now (almost). As good parents, we must offer a stern lecture. Then we need to put the cookie jar on a higher shelf where the children can't reach it, followed by a bit of discipline.

No cookie after dinner, either. Send them straight to their room to read the Constitution. Twice for good measure. While they're at it, maybe we should ask for a book reporte or spring a pop quiz.

We don't care that they put the cookie back; we're worried that they thought they could get away with it in the first place. It's a matter of trust. It can't go back to the way it was, because we don't have any faith in them. They've lost our respect, a difficult thing to earn a second time.

The Football Analogy
We're in the first quarter. After receiving the opening kickoff (the pay raise), the CleanSweepers put together a long and determined drive toward the goal line. The Incumbents defense was confused and thought the scoreboard (the media) wasn't working properly. Oddly, the refs (the Supremes) are now playing for the Incumbents.

We introduced the forward pass (the internet). They were left flat- footed. We muscled into the end zone with the aid of their collapsing defense (the Day 118 repeal). The extra point (dismal polling) was good. CleanSweepers lead 7-0.

Time for an onside kick (Newman & Nigro). We'll get the ball right back and start another drive down the field. It's still the first quarter and we've come out of the box like Super Bowl champions. Let's keep it up.

Feel free to 'high five' each other, but this is no time for a victory dance. The game is far from over.

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