Friday, November 04, 2005

Analysis: Political landscape is changed -- like the book, The Tipping Point

I was very sad when O'Toole took a bit of a vacation for some time off while I was running for the PA Senate in the special election in the spring of 2005. O'Toole is a good reporter. He is now joined by J.P., another top reporter at the P-G. I hope one of the two get to cover the race we're gearing for in the months to come.
Analysis: Political landscape is changed By James O'Toole, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Valid points:

... the tactical keys were the newer media that emerged...

... With the Internet blogs and talk radio, no matter what happened you had people paying attention, ...

... The biggest losers were single issue candidates who wanted to run against incumbents based solely on this issue....
Right. Just a footnote, I'm not a "single issue candidate." I've got a platform that spans 100+ pages. My knock is I've got more than a handful of topics where I can put forth significant, simple solutions.

.... senior GOP Senate aide, acknowledged the raw nerves, but professed confidence that they would be soothed over time. Think again. The soothing may happen over time. But, time does not heal, just in itself. Pennsylvania needs to fix many of its policies. Our state needs to change in some fundamental ways as to how it operates and the cronies acts that have been tolerated. Then, the healing can begin and the people can rest. We need to put more faith into the consitution, into freedoms and into truthful reforms that allow all to make choices for themselves and have the educational opportunities to grow. Going back to the status quo isn't going to put people back into their slumber.

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