Monday, November 07, 2005


Come pull a lever on one of our wonderful walking lever machines and get a Hersey's kiss as we KISS OUR LEVERS IN ALLEGHENY COUNTY "GOODBYE".

TOMORROW, Election Day, 11/8/2005

TIMEs: 11 AM to 1PM and 3 PM to 6 PM

LOCATION: Outside the Polling Station on the sidewalk (And maybe across the street at the bus stop) Forbes Avenue side of the Jewish Community Center (JCC) at 5738 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

This will be the last time Pittsburghers vote on the venerable lever machines after decades of service. What will replace them? We hope it will be a voting machine with a voter-verified paper audit trail (V-VPAT) with a routine audit.

Our county will be purchasing new machines in the next months. HB2000/SB977 provide electronic voting machines with V-VPATs and routine audits in our elections in PA. We will be handing out educational literature on how HB2000 will safeguard our elections in PA.

Thanks for helping to safeguard the integrity of our elections in Pennsylvania.

Cheers, Richard King

PS - Don't miss the special county council hearing on our county voting machine purchases, November 17th. Call for more details!

Richard King, Ph.D. (412) 400-3773,,,

Links for Pennsylvania HB2000/SB977:
Voter Verified Paper Records with Routine Audits (locate&email your legislators) (Listserve for voting reform activists) (List of co-sponsors)

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