Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Election Results -- part 1 -- 39K

Mayor Murphy in November 2001 had 39k votes. A similar number is being recorded for Bob O'Connor in November 2005. The vote totals, not so much the percentage, was what I was watching. Would Bob score more than 40,000? Would Bob loose and get low 30,000 or even less?

There was no way that Weinroth was going to win, outright. But, it was very positive news -- yet unconfirmed -- that Winroth won at least one polling place. The score was 70 to 61 to 1, so I understand, in Brighton Heights at one polling location. That shocking news.

Election Results
Bob O'Connor (Dem) 39,416 = 66.6%
Joseph Weinroth (Rep) 16,269 = 27.5%
Titus North (Gre) 2,374 = 4.0%
David Tessitor (Abo) 618 = 1.0%
Jay M Ressler (Soc) 476 = 0.8%
Totals 59,153

Four years ago, the GOP challenger got 12,000 votes. This time Joe jumped the number to 16k. I thought it would be a win to get more than 15,000.

Titus North scored more than 2,000 votes. Not bad.

I was impressed to see far more Titus North signs around town and at the poll vs. the showing of Weinroth signs. There are a few Weinroth signs here and there, and along the Parkway West.

We have yet to hear about the Les Ludwig write-in vote total. Counting those dangling chads might take weeks. David Tessitor, the Indie, got 100 votes more than I projected. He slid past the Socialist Workers Party by .2 percent. David T's vote total was equal to the same amont of votes that split the tight race in the spring 2001 primary between Bob O'Connor and Mayor Murphy.

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Michael P. O'Connor said...

Hay if the GOP keeps going up like that, and the dems stay the same, then in 23 years we might have a close election. Oh who am I trying to kid, this is Pittsburgh ;-). well atlest I was one of those 16269, thanks to your convincing me to vote.

Also Dave T, sorry but I still had to vote for Weinroth, you are a great guy, and I wish you luck on everything, heck I will help you with a few things. Dave keep fighting the good fight, hay you got 1% of the vote.