Tuesday, November 08, 2005

No vote, then no hope.

Why bother voting in local elections? That is why people will not vote. I will say I never missed an election in my life, but I don't think I am going to go vote today, this is pittsburgh, and we know who will win. If there were any issues, state or federal elections I would vote, but for local elections my vote means about as much as a snow ball in h***.

I don't see any point in voting this year.
You should vote or else you'll be 'branded' as 'brainwashed.'

Vote because we need a "NO vote" from you twice so as to make history. Say "NO" to the PA Supreme Court Justices on the retention votes.

We have a city of 300,000 people and around 30,000+/- are going to choose to vote for Bob O'Connor. If 90% of the people stay home and don't choose the mayor. The Republican (and I know that the above emmail came from a Republican) can win if 90-percent of the Republicans in the city came out and voted for the Republican.

Vote because Americans are fighting for the rights of others around the world to vote -- and we should do so here at home. Vote for the duty of citizenship because it is a lot less of a burden than service in the armed forces. Because those in the service answer their call -- we should vote to answer our call as well, with them in mind.

Voting is a great way to resolve issues and deal with problems. We solve conflicts -- with peace -- with votes. There's hope with voting. That reason is enough to convince others to vote rather than picking up a rock (or worse) and bashing it around in frustration.


Michael P. O'Connor said...

Ok between you and the fokes that do pghcast, I was convinced to go vote, not like it will make any diffence, but you are right if our service men can die so we can vote I should vote.

I will admit though the new place for me to vote is much nicer. Last year I felt intimidated by most of the people that worked at that place I had to vote last year,(they even let the moveon pac inside the polling place there last year, when I complaned I was told to shut up, they are not harming anything) but the move I did last Dec has produced a nicer place to vote.

Monica said...

Yes. People not voting because "it won't make a difference" help to ensure that it won't. If you've got an opinion, voting is one way to express it -- and a low-cost one, too.

(I know I'm posting this after the fact, but I'm speaking generally rather than about a particular election.)