Friday, November 04, 2005

Pittsburgh Laurels & Lances, The FIX flap with Mayor, but where was he 1, 2, and 3 years ago, yet alone 12?

To forgive and forget is fine, but I'm not yet able to let a top official off the hook, yet. Where was Murphy years ago as gambling-interests rolled into town and jacked up river-front property values? That land-speculation along with the city's heavy handed pipe-dreams with stadiums and Fifth & Forbes, plus undue taxes in parking (50%), etc., have squashed the hopes of a sensible marketpace.
The marketplace rebounds, but the marketplace has been beaten repeatedly.
Every system, institution and family in the city is much more frail today because of the lack of dynamic leadership and bad policies on Grant Street.

The "real fix" that has "been in" has been the "decay fix" of the marketplace from public officials who are so self absorbed that they believe they have the sway to fix markets.

The 'fix is in' line of Murphy's wasn't the whopper of that day. The Mayor said, "Evan is right." The past leader of the anti-gambling group, No Dice, knows of the ills to our society and culture and has spoken about about them for years. Now, Mayor Murphy agrees with Evan and gives him direct credit. Evan's reply was, "Where were you, (Mayor Murphy) five years ago?"

nd Pittsburgh Laurels & Lances - It's about time: On Oct. 27, Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy claimed 'the fix' was in regarding the city's lone slots casino license. He offered no evidence; he blamed the media for not doing their job. On Wednesday, a full week later, Mr. Murphy, pummeled in the media and by the state Gaming Control Board, retracted his allegation. Which only affirms the recklessness of the mayor's behavior. January can't come soon enough.

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