Friday, November 04, 2005

Slots panel's wish list is vague

Slots panel's wish list is vague Mayor's task force gives casino hopefuls no specific demands

Of course. The appointed pannel has the 'authority mindset.' They have no mandate. They have no standing. They have been pulled to a dance with a date with a nice body and little else.

Interaction is not this administration's stength. Weakness rules. So too are the outcomes.

The fire, passion and conviction that resides in the citizens has been snuffed in the past. Most of it has departed this town as well. Those with real interests elsewhere are not willing to devote more time to hitting one's heads against a wall of do-nothingness that is now rooted in Grant Street.

There are three reasons why I won't get what I want out of this gambling saga. One of those reasons is the lack of "will." There isn't a political will for insuring that the best process and best outcome happens.

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