Sunday, March 12, 2006

412-public-campaign blast: (follow-up)

After I send out an email to more than 8,000 contacts, I often get some nice interactions from folks. Here are some insights from the recent email (other post).

I don't get it. I would think a true Libertarian would be against ANY government-provided services for kids. Or is the party merely a flag of convenience for your campaign?
I'm a common-sense Libertarian. I'm not a RADICAL L.

But, there is some convenience to having a party as well. There is NO utility in having just ONE PARTY DOMINATION as is the case with Pittsburgh and the Dems.

The kids are important. So too is public education. Our kids are shooting each other on a weekly basis -- and it isn't the fault of the guns, but rather the kids have been ignored.

Even our closed indoor ice rink, the only one in the city, was run by a private operator until he fumbled his duties. The city had many offers to re-open it -- as a public facility with private operators. But the city didn't want to go into the trouble. We all loose.

What are your positions on abortion rights and gay marriage?

I'm fine with gay marriage. I'm a Libertarian. To each his / her own. And, I'm a U.U. (unitarian universalist) and this faith community -- often holds weddings among same sex couples with ministers. That's more of the domain for a church and not government.

As to abortion rights.... That isn't my issue -- on a whole. I'm mostly in the middle of the road. I would work to NOT change the laws.

It is a states right issue however.

To be honest... I didn't like the bubble law as it was a take away of freedom and really was just a problem with enforcement of existing laws. Sure, give a no protest zone near the health clinics -- but it is hard to have that stretch around people like a bubble. But, you'd also hear me harp about responsibilities that go along with freedom too -- so I'd never be in anyone's face -- nor would I want to see that happen to others.

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from an former neighbor....

Mr. Rauterkus,
Me and my family sold our home in Beechview at .... Cape May Avenue on November 14, 2005 and have relocated to Robinson Township and the Montour School District. The decrease in services provided by the city, the current state of the Pittsburgh Public School system and the obvious decline in our neighborhood lead us to this decision. The high property and wage taxes despite the decrease in public services and facilities were also big factors in our move. ...