Friday, March 03, 2006

Duquesne basketball coach Danny Nee resigns

Duquesne basketball coach Danny Nee resigns coach Danny Nee resigns
Where is Edgar and Porter now, by the way?

I knew Coach Nee from the past days at Ohio University. We were both in Athens in the same years. I was the assistant mens swim coach and he was the head mens basketball coach.

DU makes a hard setting for college coaches in terms of winning records. I don't know the new athletic director, but I wish I did. Brian C, the past AD -- where is he now too?

And, finally, where will Nee end up next year?

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Anonymous said...

Nee should take some time off from Div 1A basketball.

He never had a shot at that dump. That program is in the gutter and will never come back.