Friday, March 03, 2006

Gentrification and Displacement: Saving Communities

Dan Sullivan is leading a seminar next Saturday that is perfect for the times in Pittsburgh. The depth and scope of the discussion can kick into overdrive when you feast on the mind-food from Dan.
Gentrification and Displacement: Saving Communities Gentrification and Displacement
How to minimize displacement of poor people when revitalizing a city

# People often say they are against gentrification when they are really against the displacement of poor people that usually accompanies gentrification. We show why government policies to promote and revitalize particular neighborhoods are far more damaging to the poor than tax policies that could attract richer property owners with little or no displacement of poor home owners.

Effects of Gentrification
# Improved desirability

# Attraction of wealthier residents

# Increased rents

# Displacement of poorer residents

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