Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Koch -- as in "cook" --- as in "home cooking" for a year and a half if not five-plus

With 41 out of 42 votes, via a phone call update:
D = 1408
R = 185
L = 69
G = 72
M.W. (indie) = 40
M.B. (indie) = 46
Bruce Krane = 215
Bruce A. Kraus 1257

Of course this is "unofficial" -- n at.

First reaction = home cooking rules the day! That is short for Bob O'Connor's old campaign slogan, because this is home. And, for Jeff Koch's last name, said like "cook." The mayor's guy won. The endorsed Dem won.

Second reaction: If you sum the total of the two B.K.'s (Bruce K + Bruce K), you'd have defeated the D's machine.

Third reaction: I didn't get last. This is the first election when I didn't get last. Mind you, this in ONLY my third race. I ran for Mayor in the GOP PRIMARY in 2001. I ran for PA Senate in a 3 way race. This time I'm neck and neck with the Green. The good news, is I had a nice night of sleep last night and he's running on fumes.

My goose was cooked when the Rs put in a candidate. N.A. did a nice job too. However, if the Rs would have not run anyone, then I might have been able to engage county-wide opposition, and city-wide oppostion to the machine Dems and the ultra-liberal alternative. And, of course, my goose was re-heated when our date in court had its outcome altered with the finding of the clerk of the judge. If both of those IFs break the other way, then the race takes on a MUCH, MUCH different flavor and challenge. But, those are BIG "ifs."

Fourth reaction: Wonder what would have held if this had been an "instant-run-off-election."

Final reaction.... Combinations of course are going to be the details that say what's what in the end. I consider myself a "free radical" in that I'd be willing to help in a cause with another candidate if I feel warm to that cause. I was open to a merger of efforts with others in the race. But, the merger prospects were bleak.

The three Ms, (Matthew, Michael and Mark) shoud have combined forces about a month ago. I tried. Those vote counts are NOT too much of a total -- but -- the wave of campaign energy is another matter. I think a synergy factor could have been a double the vote impact.

Kraus might have won had he been able to pull any other candidate to his side in the past two months. Kraus might have won had he even pulled the others who also lost the Ds endorsement to his side. Ed Jacob or Pat Sweeney were both at the polls, and Erin C. was in Oakland, all working for the endorsed Dem. Kraus could not get any of them on his side.

Kraus said in a few of his stump talks that it is all about cooperation. Ha, ha. Well, he didn't prove it among the field of candidates who worked against him.


Anonymous said...

P-G reported:

Jeffrey S. Koch, Democratic nominee, was leading independent Bruce Kraus in a special election to fill City Council's District 3 seat. The election will fill the unexpired term of Councilman Gene Ricciardi, who left the nine-member body to become a district judge. With 35 of 42 precincts reporting, Mr. Koch had 1,206 votes to 1,064 for Mr. Kraus. Six other candidates were far behind.

Anonymous said...

Good try in running.

I figured you would get around that # of votes. I just hope you don't try to somehow spin that low vote number.

Even if the R's don't put in a candidate the results wouldn't have been that much different. It was Koch's race to lose all the way from the start. The Dem machine was not beat, they still won and have all the power in the city.

Mark Rauterkus said...

If the Rs don't put in a candidate -- the real difference comes in that, with their help, I get third. That is more than not putting in a candidate -- as I'd also imply a significant effort in the process of outreach and engagement for the NON-D effort.

My hopes were dashed when the R candidate showed up as an R. Energy and help didn't materilize my way and was marginal their way (Rs) -- and both (R & L vote totals) were in the "dud zone."

Teamwork, synergy, teamwork, synergy. That's what is hoped for and lacking. And, the potential is there -- but it really has to be cultivated and worked -- week in and week out -- month to month.

Thanks for the post and kind words, in 'good try in running.' As to spin... giggle. I'm honest. Each race, each time/place -- has its own formula and dynamics and history.

On the trails, I knew that I wasn't getting votes. I knew these facts. I was living, learning, sharing ideas, -- building relationships. I'm swimming upstream.

Like I said at a meeting in St. Clair -- this election isn't the end of the world, game over, winner take all. No way.

Anonymous said...


you did a great job...the voters (for those who did actually vote) should be commended for doing their civic duty.

While Mr. Koch may not be the best candidate, he won, and well, let's see what he does.

Alternatively, I would have been very frightened if Mr. Kraus was elected since he has zero family values and while he would have perhaps brought everyone to the table, would be invoking his own agenda.

Congrats to all that ran!

Anonymous said...

Kraus is still running (old dog - old tricks). Thinks he can win by kissing senior citizens in Giant Eagle who supported other candidates

Watch Kraus - he'll go back to every community group in SS and tell you more about that safe, clean and gay crap.