Friday, March 10, 2006

Lawmaker pushes for tougher penalties for school gun crimes

Lawmaker pushes for tougher penalties for school gun crimes Diven wants mandatory 2 years in jail for offenses within 100 yards of schools
Another bubble bill.

What happened to the mayor's proposed 1,000 foot zone? Did it shrink to 300-feet?

I've been blogging about how they want to build bigger jails. Take a kid who is 13, make them face adult time. Wow.

How big is the zone (300 feet, or more???) for the casino? Just wondering.

"If you don't have safe schools, then you can't accomplish any of the things schools are supposed to accomplish," said Diven. What, so far, has Diven ever done to do anything about school accomplishments?

Diven tried to oust a school board member or two and insert some political friends into those jobs. So, Diven tried to accomplish political moves at a school. Remember the 'limo question' and the 'pink pig bulletin board?' That was a pay-back interview in Diven's neighborhood.

In some ways, the legislation would build on the state's "drug-free school zones." Does that work? Is that something to build upon?

And again, we can't touch those that live near schools, can't touch those that are transporting themselves and the guns near a school. So, the roadblock is having the law work in the real world.

There was a shooting downtown. The law won't apply there as the school kids were not near a school. There was a shooting a couple of years ago at another buzy bus stop near the clock in Mt. Oliver too. The kids were getting off a bus from school. Do you extend the law to include school buses and the bus stops too?

Furthermore, Diven was in Harrisburg when the 'bailout' came to the city. The bailout stunk. One of the provisions of the bailout was the firing of all the crossing guards. The city's budget didn't fund the crossing guards and that cost was shifted, wrongly, to the school budget. So, Mr. Diven, why don't you make a law in Harrisburg that makes school crossing guards the responsibility of the municipality -- and NOT the school district. I'd rather have the school district fund reading, writting and other educational needs.

These folks are trying to take guns away from the kid's hands. Fine. Do that all you want. But I'm going to try to find someone -- anyone -- to give the kids decent opportunities and more in their hands other than guns.

Idle hands.... What's that expression????

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